Benefit Site for Richard Rios


We are currently offering these stickers as part of a benefit we are running for Richard Rios’ recovery. All proceeds are to cover his financial needs as he is unable to work. The road to recovery is going to be a long one as discussed by his doctors and nurses. We currently have no time-frame as to when he will be returning to work, so aside from my (Raphael Rios) working to support him, we are selling these stickers to help Richard Rios financially.

The following sticker designs will be for sale @ $10.95/ea. They will be labelled in parenthesis like: (S001). The sticker sizes are 6.7″x5″ and in full color. These are water resistant. Outdoor shelf life will vary due to outdoor weather conditions and elements exposure (usually 1-3 years).

Currently, these stickers will be available in certain locations in San Benito and Harlingen. We will update with locations. We will also be selling them directly on this site with free shipping in the U.S..

If you have further questions, use the Contact Us form on this site to ask your questions or inquiries. We will consider taking request with certain scripture ideas, but we will retain the right to use our own designs. Use the contact forms for your requests as well.


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