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6th Day of March 2019

Richard suffered a sepsus infection due to a ruptured boil. On March 6, 2019, Richard went into septic shock and was immediately admitted into the emergency room via-ambulance. Doctors mentioned to us that if we had not brought Richard to the emergency room that he could have died due to this disastrous infection. It is known that patients with severe sepsis or septic shock have a mortality (death) rate of about 40%-60%.

We would like to give God the glory and honor for Richard’s recovery. Due to the length of time that Richard went through 3 surgeries with tubes through his mouth and throughout his body to keep the infection in check, he will need to strengthen both his mouth and throat in order to drink and eat without having it go through his lungs. He is going through daily therapies to strengthen his physical status. Richard will be kept in the hospital until further notice from his nurses and doctors.

Richard does not have insurance to cover the cost of the doctor’s and hospital bills. We are going through a caseworker that help individuals with no insurance. We do hope and pray that these assistance programs will be able to assist in paying for these bills. Until these services are able to help, I am taking it upon myself to continue running out business and using these funds to help with these costs.

How to Support

I’ve been asked by several people about making a benefit BBQ and such, which are all great ideas, but I am going a different route. I am going to use our business as a funnel of funds to pay for these bills and after care. With the grace and mercy of God, He has given us the skills and intelligence in our business of print, web and graphic design, as well as App creation and computer services.


Of course, there are those who will just want to give a monetary donation instead of purchasing anything. I respect that and have created a GoFundMe page for those who want to give money. We appreciate all manners of assistance and support. For more information about Richard’s GoFundMe page, click here.


Another way to show your support is through our Kickstarter campaign that my brother Richard and I were working on over that past year. For more information about this Kickstarter campaign, click here.


We designed some stickers to sell that I specifically created to help Richard’s benefit to assist with bills and missing work over the past month. Click here to see the sticker designs. I will be adding more designs as time goes by. This not only will help benefit Richard, but will help our business.

Our Gratitude

May God bless you and yours as He has blessed ours! Thank you for your continued support through prayers and monetary support!

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